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About me, Natalie

and my purpose behind creating For the Love of Life:

The idea for this website emerged because I wanted a place to share my stories and ideas. I know there are pre-existing social media platforms which could serve that purpose. I don’t like them. The list of reasons is endless. My website is your local fruit stand, and Facebook is Walmart.

I love people. I love the diverse life that shares this planet. I love the stories told to me through the nuances of everyday life. I love nature. I love art, especially culinary art, music, and architecture. I love a philosophical debate.

I love to write, and I love to dance.

My default mode of life is in a constant search for something new. We all have our means of escape from the solitude of our rambling minds. This is mine. I fled my job and comfortable apartment in the city to do some soul-searching in the mountains of North Carolina. A series of events led to me being without a car for the majority of the time that I have been here, and I took it as a sign to slow down, to stop running, to stop searching for the new thing around every corner. The reward has been peace of mind. Words do not do justice to the power of living in such a harmonious state of being.

Life to me is simple. Your attention is the most valuable thing you have. Practice living in the present moment. Practice gratitude. Practice grief. Practice forgiveness. Cultivate faith in something worth believing-in. I have done this, and I have found an inexhaustible well of love.

For the love of life, I welcome you to join me on this journey.

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